Friday, 23 February 2007

La Musique

Latest offering from Australian DJ duo Bennie Single and Joe Dickenson (formerly of Bang Gang Dj's). A slow chopsy intro slowly builds up until the 2.40 mark, where we're met by a whining female vocalist, who launches into a tirade of attitude driven, hard to decipher vocals. Strangely it works, and you can put money on the fact that when it drops in the club it'l bring more people to the floor (granted, mainly women), than it repels away.

MP3: Riot In Belgium- La Musique

Buy the Original here.


acid girls said...

that van she remix really should be called an extended edit instead.

AlgiersTwin said...

shall be done.

Roland said...

for anyone who hasn't already read it:

there is no van she tech remix of that track. only the original, and the adamski remix.

of the two tracks here, the longer one is the normal version of "la musique". the shorter track, is actually just the original version but from the MOS mashed3 compilation. the difference being that it's pitched up to 128 (the original is 120 i think) and it has some of the justice remix of mr oizo's "nazis" mixed in at the front of it.

AlgiersTwin said...

yeah il edit it again now. apologiess all.