Thursday, 29 March 2007

I'm Back.

And have music to share.

Firstly, indie-pop band "Ghosts" - - (Myspace) - - debut single "Stay the Night" has been working its way around my head alll week. While just another of a current bombardment of soft indie offerings, it certainly has something which sets it apart from the rest.

MP3: Ghosts - Stay The Night

Brand New Dizzee Rascalllllll...
Nothing more do i need to say. Roll on the new album - "Maths and English" EDIT: The dizzee tune is marked. Mp3 is off the radar unfortunately. However YOU can listen here. Except for holllertronix. haha.

Guilty pleasure of the week has to be in the form of...... Space cowboys rework of Fergy and Ludacris On glamorous.

Heads up to Fluo Kids for this. Hit the link for the mp3's.

Digitalism's New EP has also surfaced. Loving the single, but just as much, i'm loving the mentalism's remix of it. Straight off the EP. Screwing the vocals about and thumping all over the place. P.s can't seem to find where these mentalism guys/girls reside. but make sure you cop the ep. probably best to do it over at Phonica.

MP3: Digitalism - Pogo (Mentalism Remix)

Other areas for checking:

Appletree Records (Who brought you Sotu The Traveller, see previous posts) - combined with DJ Sp to create a series of mixes aptly titled "Apple Tree Smoothies. Volume 1 is available for Free Download from the site. I seriously recommend copping it. Brilliant mix of soul, funk, hiphop and Jazz.

British electro hotshot, Kissy Sell Out, has also been big with me this week. Bags of potential, with already one 12" in circulation, and currently working on an album...i am lovvvvvving his work. His podomatic site gives a number of free mixes for download as well as some damn good bootleg remixes he's done. Make sure you dont sleep on him. HERE.

Be posting much more regularly now. Hope you enjoy and seee you soon.

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