Monday, 3 March 2008

Spotlight On Brother

For the drum and bass heads.

Brother is most definitely sitting on one of the most consistent stack of dubs in the scene right now.

D Funk gave us this beautiful preview mix of what is to come from one of the leading UK Stars. . As I always say, deep and rolling.

Available to stream and download from musicv2.
So stream it and then download it from musicv2.


1.) Deep Thread (RUBIK)
2.) Cold Aura (RUBIK)
3.) Blue Notes (INDUSTRY)
4.) Dig Deep
5.) Do The Right Thing (FOKUZ)
6.) Second Time Around (FOKUZ)
7.) Far Apart (with Elle Rollo)
8.) Special Thing (with Elle Rollo)
9.) Bird In Cage
10.) Ever After
11.) Little Child (SONOROUS)
12.) Watermark (FUTURE THINKIN)
13.) Brain Train (with Squash) (INFLUENCE)
14.) Junction (INFLUENCE)
15.) Grace (SONOROUS)

Hopefully some release news from Brother will be on the way - If i get hold of him! However, I can promise you all some new Elle Rollo material very soon. .

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