Thursday, 13 March 2008

Who is the King of Grime..?

We are still no closer to finding out. . Lets just say its Wiley on the grounds that he speaks the most sense. But laughing at Doctor trying to make his Nike ID's near the end is worth the watch.

I'm still not happy that Ghetto was calling out EVERYONE. . Yeah, he's a talented MC but at the same time like Jammer says. . he needs to slow down. Competition brings the best out of people. . so i guess it can only be good for the scene. Trim's Soulfood Vol. 3 is out sometime this week/next week, as well as Ghetto's Freedom of Speech. Make sure you support.. both will be available in your highstreet record stores. Even HMV.

Looking further ahead. Kano's mixtape will be dropping in April, absolutely no news apart from that on it, but he's also told his label 679, to start packing - so that he can go back to his roots. We shall see. . Still, I'm very excited.

Just trying to think what else there is to pass on.. Bashy's Black Boy's...bonus/limited edition/boxset/dvd/cd extravaganza type thing is also out this week. I'm getting enough promo emails about it. Thankyou, honestly. You'l know its one of the biggest things to come out of grime - and most likely we will still be looking back at it in years to come. So you probably want to own a copy.

Pitchforks Month in Grime/Dubstep appeared again... Here.

Ahh yeah.. .finally heard 'Wearing My Rolex' in a club. . Would've been awesome had i not been surrounded (ALL ANGLES) by those 'only there for my image' hipsters. .

Theres always the next time. .

BONUS: MP3: Chipmunk - Av Fun
- - - - From a mixtape I found in a drawer yesterday. . Purely for the bar. .
'But if you cant dance, dont feel ashamed, just have fun, dont watch face'

because you know its true.

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