Friday, 14 March 2008

Worldwide 12.03.08

Gilles Peterson's Worldwide (Listen Again until 19.03.08)

Worldwide review pt. 1

It was a soundtrack sort of show last night

I love the Dubstep I’m hearing at the minute. One I’ve been feeling over the past couple of weeks is 2562 “Kameleon” as played by Domu on DEVIATION a few weeks ago. Now that is totally dark – really blew me away. And so did Appleblim And Peverelist’s “Circling” that Gilles played last night. A stunning piece; And so was the Pinch track as well. And keeping it on that whole moody Soundtrack tip, Dubstep, for me, is ideal if you looking for that ‘Intense dramatic’ kinda vibe.

Jonny Greenwood “There Will Be Blood” – Oh yes. Plenty of ‘drama’. Must check the film as well.

And on that sort of tip, really loving the moody slant to the show of late. The Invisible “Spiral” – now, that’s pure moodiness. Jade Fox and Matthew Hebert on the buttons, i believe. And it was really nice of Gilles to play that Jamie Lidell tune again. “Rope Of Sand”. Really love that!

Loved the Modal ‘episodes’ as well: Belmondo feat. Yusef Lateef “Part 4: Brother John” – Brilliant. Classic. Brad Mehldau Trio “B Flat Waltz” – Beautiful. And, man, I loved Paul Horn “Anthony And Cleopatra Theme”. Flute. Big Jazz music. Got a few of his records - always deep. Shout to Weegee on Paul Horn as well.

Worldwide review pt. 2

Another great show it has to be said.

Standouts for me in the 2nd hour( with a lickle comment and ting):

Erykah Badu "Amerykahn Promise" (Really love the back in the day raregroove vibe it sits on).

Baby Charles "Trading Water" (Sharon Jones-esque. Tune).

Brother Jack McDuff "Oblighetto" (original acid jazz music).

Cataylist "How About Us" (Love, love, love this. Reminds me of the movie SHAFT and Afros for some weird reason haha. Can’t wait to hear this loud and proud in the summer at some open festival. Imagine this early on as people arrive at Good Times?? BIG TUNE. Spacek = VOCALIST. My tune of the show).

Plantlife "Sun Shines Through your Love" (always love their stuff. Still love their tune from a few years ago: “When She Smiles She Lights The Sky” – uplifting!).

Breakwater "Say You Love Me Girl" (an ALL-OUT Soul boy tune. Simple).

Sunburst Band "Turn It Out" (I have a lot respect for Joey Negro. I’ve been a fan for many many years. Once again, revisiting his old disco/boogie roots and infusing that sound with the beats of today. This one reminds me of Roy Ayer’s “Programmed For Love” – a track he recorded in the mid 80s. Original broken beat music).

Big show

: )


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