Sunday, 13 April 2008


Martyn & the 3024 camp are now fully fully up and running. I told you to check out the last 12" -- Twenty Four / Velvet -- (which is now out digitally too). . . your loss/gain whether you did or not. Some deep deep detroit sounds.

Quiet since then, there has now been an explosion of activity;

myspace player is stocked. . - how crazy is 'epileptics no strobe mix'... NEED THAT.

His mix up of TRG's 'Broken Hearts' has been in my wishlist for a long while. . so i am pleased to hear that is now available. With a b-side ramadanman mix it could definitely be contender for dub 12" of the year.

The end of the month will also see the birth of appleblim's applepips imprint. . Martyn is (rightfully so!!) getting the debut release; 'All I Have Is Memories / Suburbia'. The formers on the myspace player. I'l of course shout when I know the exact date for this. The label looks like another one worth watching, with Appleblim surely one of the deepest around at the moment. Those who aren't schooled, see his work with Skull Disco projects. .

And after...

REVOLVE:R 012 - "After 7 (w. Intalex) / JW On a Good Night / Storm Watch" (apr 2008)

FATCITYRECS - Black Pocket aka Steve Spacek - "Ur'e a Sta (martyns mix)" (2008)

SUADRECORDS - Shut up & Dance - "Epileptic (martyns no strobe mix)" (2008)

3024-002 - "Vancouver / Natural Selection" (may 2008)

- - - - -

I honestly can't wait.

Also worth checking - - 'Digging In The Crates' & 'Top 10' - the latter is self explanatory, the former... very interesting read. Bookmark the blog while your passing through. .

Enough trumpet blowing, just enjoy and take note.

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Loot said...

good looking on this one. just copped Velvet