Sunday, 20 April 2008

"Midweek" Fives

my internets playing up. Enjoy.

MP3: Micky Factz - Don't Be Light (Ft. N*E*R*D)

MP3: Dj Premier - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers (Instrumental)
Hiphop heads stand up! Anyone who's got this in a higher bit-rate also stand.

MP3: Kano - Hurt
Possibly a new track off 140 Grime Street. Possibly a freestyle on a beat I haven't heard yet. Either way its hard hitting. Taken From 'MC NO.1'.

MP3: Wiley - If Ur Going Out (Radio Rip)
been waiting long long long time for this. You wear beige and I'l wear blue. Radio rip but cdq will follow.

MP3: Janelle Monae - You
Very very very special. Signed to Badboy. Lets hope Diddy realises he is out of his depth and doesnt try to drop guest verses or adlibs on every track. Erykahs a big fan.

MP3: Low Deep - Upside Down
Grime Grime Grime. Instrumental.

MP3: Dorian Concept - Seek When Is Her
early work from trebleo's beat maker supreme.

MP3: Surkin - White Knight Two
Surkin rules bloghouse for me. But then I ain't no expert. Check the todd edwards rework off his latest EP. Thats something I can work with.


Anonymous said...

lovin that wiley tune, thanx, lookin forward to the radio rip

Anonymous said...

lol i meant to say, lookin forward to the cdq obviously!

Anonymous said...

janelle monae's track is king. you should post some more of that (;

Anonymous said...

re post the premier mix? i cant find his cuts on vinyl anywhere...
starra from sf