Wednesday, 30 April 2008

R & B Midweek Sixes

Back again.

MP3: Ryan Leslie - Just Right
on his every word at the moment. . This is taken from his 2005 album. Crazy production - anyone holding an instru? Album sooon.

MP3: Dwele - I'm Cheatin'
brannnnd new music from dwele. Admittedly not on the level of some previous material but who cares. . It's a start. Album coming sooon too.

MP3: Sy Smith - The Art Of You

Soul new for '08. . . Taken from her (do the research) third album . Very very highly recommended . Thankyou thankyou Susan.

MP3: Q- Tip - I Believe (Ft. D'Angelo)

possibly the greatest find from the recent digging i've been doing. . days after a fellow on Okayplayer said he had finally tracked down d'angelo in a US jazz bar. . I find this. the two knocked up the track stupidly quickly, but it doesn't show. Heres to a d'angelo comeback, and to me finding the actual mixtape this came from. Honestly, i could sing the praises for this alllll day.

MP3: Steph Jones - LaLa Means Love
get over the knucklehead promo-ing his mixtape at the start, and its onto a winner. Will try to find a CDQ, but bump this until then.

Honestly. . some real brilliance here - download them all. Let me know if i've missed anything, and get digging yourselves. .

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