Thursday, 8 May 2008

Love It Here

Drive-bys, windows bust out bullets putting in lawn chairs
from a block over, sounding like Lil' Jon snares
Life's gotten colder, I'm revealing a smirk
How's hustling not a job when you feel you at work
Mama told me keep my brain in them books
I grew up learning only way you earning is becoming famous or crooks
And since schools never taught us to be entrepreneurs
but we don't have patience to make money off of computers
We live the fast life where officers shoot us
Get scarred; strip bars, where broads take bras off of they hooters
Such a ugly game, why it look beautiful from afar...
You in prison wishing they was removing you from the bars

MP3: Elzhi - Love It Here (Prod. J Dilla)

so, so, so good.
watch out for the new stuff.
(flipped it to the central)

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