Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mixed Nutz Today

Just a quick shout on behalf of Alex @

..very short of time right now so taking it straight from the horses mouth;

The 'Mixed Nutz' show (yeah we dropped the other T!) returns this Saturday afternoon 1-3 pm on Rinse Fm. Fresh from our little mention in Shook issue 2 (go cop that!, Big up Jez & Gubbins) and last weeks hiatus, we have a jam packed show of sublow soul, broken stuff and Hip Hop. Plenty of upfront goodness courtesy of Arron Jerome, Joker, Flying Lotus, Floating Points, Bullion, Mr Beatnick, 2Tall, Kashmere, Ramadanman, Dilla, Floorman, Mike Slott etc.....

This week were joined by my unreliable host Hey Zeus and the delectable vocal tones of Fatima.

So it should be a whole bunch of fun and sound rather dope!

The weathers nice so make sure you crank up your transistor radios or car stereo's.

Head to 100.4 fm (in London) or tune in online at WWW.RINSE.FM.

Tune in, you won't be disappointed. Much more to come from him Via. myself. . I love the term sublow soul.

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