Monday, 12 May 2008

she stopped drinking diet coke, she on that coke diet

For me this bangs soooo much more than the original. Everybody Nose, the Remix. CRS & Pusha T.

MP3: N*E*R*D - Everybody Nose (Remix) (Ft. CRS & Pusha T)

I think you'l all agree, the CRS project that is due sometime could possibly be capable of wiping the floor with a lot of those out there.

As a bonus. . the latest track to come from the nerd boysss. Instrumentallll is crazy. Like a pinball machine. But how classic is the break. . . In Search Of Esque.

MP3: N*E*R*D - Spazz

So far the general consensus on the album is that it will sound better when played live. But saying that, anything's better than 'In My Mind'.


Anonymous said...

can yoy write a text from this remix with Kanye West and CRS & Pusha T?


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