Friday, 13 June 2008

fear & loathing in New Orleans

'carve up the streets like a thanksgiving turkey'

Its easy to get lost in the sea of entourages and weedcarriers, and I'm sure a lot of them do. . Hell a lot of them are churning out mixtapes almost quarterly. . but there aint no quality control and often I find millions of guest spots from their own weedcarriers. And so on. Everyone wants to be a rappper. .

By chance I checked out this curren$y joint that eskay (nahright) recently posted. . mainly cause I hadn't heard the pun beat its on ina minute.

And what would you know. . . it's actually sounding pretty fresh.

His recent mixtape 'Fear & Loathing in New Orleans' has also just been released. . I've had a scan listen and theres definitely promise - although I always struggle to grasp the ideas in these mixtapes, too cut and paste. Make up your own mind cause nahright are on this too.

oH yeah, this song aint on the mixtape. . And for those that don't know curren$y is from the cash money stable. . in other words. . one of weezy's crew.

MP3: Curren$y - Jets

Isn't it so hiphop having $ in your name?


alex m said...

Curren$y no longer rolls with CMR.


Sammy J said...

Fly Society is his label now.