Wednesday, 2 July 2008

F**k your blog, I sip some bacardi if I wanna buzz

Spec Boogie gets the centre space, cause he got that line, and that jumper.

I just want you to listen to this; some of the fastest movers from the US go verse after verse.

Von Pea
Che Grand

WE ALL have to do some research here.

Von Pea' s group (Tanya Morgan) got a new EP out too for those who are interested. leave that for another day though. .

Grab the song, and hit repeat. . mmmmM and let me know if your feeling. After all I did an awful lot of code pasting up there.

MP3: Von Pea / Spec Boogie / Elucid / Che Grand - Lessondary Nose
(Sharebee Mirror)

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