Saturday, 5 July 2008

Fully converted

ghetto lays down a track for his album Live with Tim westwood.

Thats not a Ft.

Even tim is lost for words in his oversized t.

I'm officially a fan now.


Ghett0 said...

Glad to have you on board as a Ghetto fan

Dart Adams said...

Ghetts is a fuckin' beast. I've been a believer since "2000 & Life". The Movement is serious.

Wiley says I'm an angry K-A-N-O! © Ghetto


AlgiersTwin said...

im starting to see this. . .

thanks both of you.. big reader of both your blogs.

Sam said...

dude see what you think of this new wretch tune with ghetto on it:

Wretch32 feat Ghetto & Badness - Ina De Ghetto

Ghett0 said...

yeah that tune is big, had it up on my blog last week