Thursday, 10 July 2008

' take grime back to the clubs '

.. and with Davinchie (P's & Q's) on the buttons then this has more than half a chance of doing just that. Ms. Cleo Soul also representing to the fullest.

I've got a lot of respect for Tinie, and the way he's handled himself on the come up. When your suddenly a name in the scene at the age of 16 its probably easy to lose focus on what got you there in the first place, so to come out now with his A-levels, and re-gain the buzz that was most definitely there back then, shows a matureness way above his years.

This month he's been supporting The Cool Kids &....Jay-Z! There aren't many artists, grime or non-grime, who can put that on their CV. That achievement, his anti gun/knife crime work and the new single 'Tears' tells me that a lot of good work is being done by him and his camp.

Someone who's got their head screwed on, and definitely someone we should be supporting to take grime to the next level.

You'l find some of his new tracks at his myspace

& if you wanna hear the new single, I'm sure one of the youths has upped a logan sama/westwood rip onto youtube.

Digital Release: 4th August
Physical Release: 18th August

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