Tuesday, 2 September 2008


more money driven craziness in the premier league. . And thats not slating Man City.

congratulations to their fans, its going to be brilliant for any fan of football seeing a player as exciting as robinho doing it week in week out on british soil. But one must ask the question, what's will happen if the sheikhs & Oligarchs continue to use the league as a rich boys playground? I just hope for footballs sake that something is done about the growing inequality in british football, before it becomes solely about money. The transfer window should be scrapped as well.

other congratulations should go out to my team, everton, for finally breaking the transfer duck in the last few days. . fellaini should give the whole squad a boost although I think most of us are unsure as to how good he is. . Also a rumour that we've pre-booked the services of Wagner Love starting January. . ?

& finally an end to the berbatov-united saga. Both teams proving that honesty, and decent business conduct pretty much flies out the window when money is involved. Daniel Levy & Alex Ferguson particularly. Berbasulk gets his way though.

Despite all my complaints -those voiced and those unvoiced, I'm definitely looking forward to the re-commencing of the league after the international break. . . And i'm sure most of you football fans are too.

to non-football fans, I do apologize.

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