Monday, 1 September 2008


After all the hype i inflicted on you about this - i still haven't checked it. Gasp. 'Europass' is the reason for this - and while that work has got listens left in it, I won't be moving on along to this. His wordplay demands multiple listens full stop.

As soon as I've ive given 'the preface' the attention it deserves, you will be hearing from me on the subject, but at this rate, I wouldnt sit at the pc hitting refresh. It could be weeks, months. .

But in the meantime why don't you provide me with the hype for a change. . Who's checked it? And who's still checking it? > than europass?

MichiganHipHop have a very nice interview with him where he talks about the slum, working with royce, working on the preface. . and in general his plans for the future. Definitely head over via the link, have a read, and give them some props because its the second time they've more than delivered (in my memory) with their interviews (...see Dwele).

Normal service resumed this week.


M.O.S. Ologist said...

I'd have to say "The Preface" is a step up from "Europass." "The Preface" is more of a complete album and has newer material where
"Europass" has a little older material and was put together very quickly.

P.S. Thanks for the MichiganHipHop shout out.

rrougher said...

"Preface" is crazy good. Guessing Game is an awesome idea for a track and with Baby Girl Glow it's nice to hear an upbeat (and I do mean the beat) 'relationship record'.

Dope album but honestly I coulda done with it being 3-4 tracks shorter. Not that I could pick which ones to cut!

rrougher said...

Oh and also, have you seen the Video for Shad's "The Old Prince Still Lives at Home"? If not, make sure you do!