Sunday, 28 September 2008

Essential #?

one of my Itunes staples for the last couple of weeks has been the debut from ladbroke groves jose carretas on  Jus'House. Also a member of the Restless Soul collective (huge things). . Jose Carretas has quickly been building the portfolio with a slew of releases over the last 2 years. 

However the track in question, 'Cutting Me Up' is probably my favourite yet. . with the *esteemed* Kaidi Tatham on keys and the seriously slept on sounds of vocalist Marcus Begg this certainly has the potential to light up those autumn/winter dances. 

Been on vinyl for a while. . (juno) & a digital release will be soon coming. Snippets available on the myspaces, & both the label and jose should be watched - forthcoming Mike Dunn material for the former, and something brilliant from the latter on Especial jp. Expect me to be singing the praises for that once I know the details. 

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