Saturday, 11 October 2008


Kode 9's September chart for RA completely encapsulates the mutations the UK urban scene is currently undergoing. Funky, Dubstep, wonky and grime all coming together.

1. Mono/Poly - Oilfields
--- told you about this guy before. maybe you'l be more likely to take kode's advice on board.

2. Zomby - Spaceman
--- completely lost the plot. further out than wonky.

3. Burial - Feral Witch Child

4. Ikonika - Direct
--- Off beat, & hyperdub label mate

5. Apple - Segalizer

6. M.Double & Bandit - Untitled
--- ......? School me.

7. Mentor Roska - Feeline VIP
---regularly dropping ep's. . see juno. . and from a production side - kinda leading the funky charge.

8. Geeneus - Yellowtail
---killer arsenal. Gilles Peterson even got his funky on and dropped this. So in touch with the kids. Geeneus' behind the brand new monthly funky night at bar rhumba (LDN) 'Beyond'. Developments of the scene will most likely happen their first.

9. Kode 9 Vs. LD - Bad
---CANT get enough of these productions. speechless

10. Kode9 & The Space Ape - Bullet Against Bone
--- Mind blowingly raw dubstep. Will upload set on WW for you soon.


people have theories for days about how all four sounds will collide and how the bpm will hit 140 this and 138 that etc. . I have no background in musical theory so I'm kinda lost when it comes to debating this, but when sounds get a whole community this excited you kind of know its going to be something special once its all panned out. Excited. And i know a lot of others who are too.

Oh yeah. . . And your man's beaten the worst flu of his young life. Ginger tea.

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