Monday, 17 November 2008

Dub Pieces

Digital release today. . . Take it as a necessary pick-up if you haven't at alll been involved with these guys sounds before. Next up for 3024 - 2562 12' in December. Whole lotta numbers. Then roll on into 09 for the Martyn full length. I cant even grasp the amount of hours of headphone time that release is going to get. Just listen to 'yet' on his player.

Pips 003 from Appleblims Applepips see's Jus Wan on the buttons with Action Potential/Affletic (on his player) . . I'm not going to classify what exactly it is, but the A side, on first listen, is by far one of the most interesting electronic pieces ive heard this year. Will be watching anything else from this man, and the label, like a hawk.

+ the 3rd installment of Appleblim's rinse podcasts is up.


Also worth checking. .

Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip/Gather - new on punchdrunk

Scuba - Twitch/Upside - Jamie Vex'd & Martyn on the remixes. 2nd and clearly standout interpretation of 'A mutual Antipathy's' album tracks. Out on Hotflush.

& somewhere or other there is a Beat Pharmacy album available for listening.

Thats alll I can think off going off the top. . . Even if you aren't normally a fan of this sound, go out on a limb and at least try a 30 second promo snippet, or a myspace player. . You'l be surprised at how far some of these artists have brought the music.

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aaron jerome said...

both serious releases. big up jus wan. love his sound.