Sunday, 30 November 2008

A Familiar Sound

New Boxcutter has been spotted a year after the album 'Glyphic' turned my life upside down. A must have which went right off radar for the masses - so although you'd be a year late - give it a try.

His production always leave me astounded, its so stop start, yet it flows seamlessly with stabs of sound rolling over each other without ever quite meeting. It's totally unique, which is why I was so shocked that he didn't receive any buzz outside of dubstep corners a la Burial.

Yet I guess it's not about getting superstar status.

Take a listen. .

Both the full, and the instrumental are available for streaming from here. . and if the vocal doesn't get you, then the instru will.

N.b, this is a white label, so maybe hang around until the artworks been polished off by La Boca.