Thursday, 8 January 2009

What You Won't Do For Love

love step love step love step. We can all do without another genre approximation. Thats why I left the two words apart.

Bobby Caldwell. but I guess this gets a bit Baltimore at times. However, I bet when it drops at the dance it works. It goes a bit filter house in a few places too. Never mind.


I've just broken one of my new years resolutions. Can you set them again?


The new wiley *diss* to Goodz has messed with my head. Goodness knows where he's taking that one. The man needs to make an album of instrumentals.


RIP Freddie Hubbard

another great who's work i'l only fully get to grips once they've gone.


Benji just cleared the airwaves with a stellar show. new-ness from front to back. Highlight possibly a new phlash & friends track. . And if there is a dub version of the Martyn remix of Shed. . I will be on it.



1 comment:

aaronjerome said...

haha. this track is kinda strange. caldwell meets dubstep. takes some getting used to.
have you heard the original of sheds- another wedged chicken. wicked track. almost like a dub itself.