Thursday, 19 February 2009

difficulty describing

2nd hour of the Deviation tonight, Kode9 bringing a hyperdub showcase. Huge, huge respect for the man - the way the label has grown has been completely effortless - following/setting the trends of the underground.

remember the '08 run - ikonika, zomby, darkstar, LV - and then bang, samiyam from 'hiphop' - without even a whisper.


just dropped Black Sun - I'd heard the rumours of this but man, when Benji says every one just pulled a screwface in the studio, I'm sure there were a lot of you doing the same at home. Where to start with a description? I don't think I've heard a tune like that in years. Begging for a re-wind. Find me a box for that.

Been up on cooly-g for a while - Picked up an EP at Black Market last month and love the dark side of the funky. Hypnotic Vocals and plenty of sex appeal. Love Dub is perfect for the depth of the night .
Candlelight .
Your Lady.

And again Kode9. Props for seizing the talent before anyone else even knows whats going on.

Dusk and Blackdown have hammered this one plenty over the last few months. Either out of Japan or Denmark. Autotune, and roboticized r&b that's half 80's and half next millenium. A real electronic half breed. Find me a producer who know's how to remix that. . A la Joker's tale. And if we're honest - kinda steals the new 12" that it shares with Jokers Digidesign. Track name is You Don't Know What Love Is. 2000F & J Kamata.

Kinda missed the next one - Darkstar - not as standout as what's come before.

6 albums? and a book - Sonic Warfare. Just imagine having the man as a lecturer?

I know it's hype. Well this whole post is going to be spur-of-the-moment-hype but i can't sit still knowing a new Burial track could be coming through the speakers in a matter of minutes.

haha - 'unheard out of the bedroom'. Untitled. Man, this will kill dubstepforum tomorow. The Listen Again figures will go through the roof. I'm completely smitten with it already. Even if that isn't a scene word right now.

You really missed Burial didn't you. Untitled 2. haha, benji milking the exclusive. Intriuging A&R process that Kode describes - imagine getting hold of one of those mixes.

kode9's Too Far Gone - worthy flipside to the explosion the showcase opened with. do things to your body on a soundsystem / to your mind on headpones. And can any of this really be classified?

finally, on jungle - 'difficulty describing' - Hyperdub for you. Wow.


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