Sunday, 29 March 2009


Grimelight/Rut - from little-known producer Joe. On Hessle Audio.

Grimelight. . a simple conga keeps the pace while flicks of bass and various tools of percussion fall in and out as they please. rhythm is broken intermittently by the call of an eastern flute, prompting the tune to hit something of a reset, before tailing away again. . off to no-where in particular. .

Rut retains the same percussive elements as its flip. . yet shapes them into a much more focused roller. . The drums are evidently harder, sharp little jabs of piano and the chords are there to build and build to a faltering climax which never really is. . . .

Beautifully poised.

Almost an effortless follow-up to Pangaea's much heralded 12" from the tail end of last year. . But I guess I shouldn't really have expected any differently from a label that after what is now seven times of asking, are yet to put a foot wrong.

available boomkat / juno

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