Tuesday, 10 March 2009

spaceBeat Travels

the stars put me onto this one night early last month. . .

. . Working my way through a few internet radio shows on my google reader I came across a backlog of Micheal Rutten's soulsearching shows. I chose #569.

& at the end of what was already a very strong, diverse schooling in music from all across the map - came this. . . Courtesy of the UK's Emanative.

an exquisitely beautiful, effortlessly listenable passage of music. and in a day and age where people are churning podcasts/selections out bi-weekly and the like - it's a real pleasure to listen to something where you can feel the effort the selector has put in.

oh yeah the small matter of an Album on the way. Details will be here . .

MP3: Emanative - Spacebeat Travels (for Micheal Ruttens Soulsearching)

Emanative - Spacebeat intro feat Kissey Asplund - Intro
Ben Hadwen - Interlune (for Motto) - N/A
Emanative - When On Earth feat Liz Elensky/Rapson Mix - Futuristica Music
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man - Motown
Emanative - Turn Your Lights On/Instrumental Edit - Futuristica Music
David Durrah - Space II - Tribe Records
José James - Velvet/Emanative Eastern Orbit Re-Work - CD-R
Lonnie Liston Smith - Desert Nights - Flying Dutchman
Emanative - Wind, Sand And Stars feat Heidi Vogel - Futuristica Music
Emanative - We Travel The Spacebeats - Futuristica Music
Jessica Lauren - White Mountain - CD-R
Sun Ra - Sleeping Beauty - Saturn Records
Jessica Lauren - Ajua - M.E.L.T. 2000
Alice Coltrane - Hare Krishna (Excerpt) - Impulse!
Grey Reverend - Wish 1 Interlude - Sugarcut Records

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