Thursday, 2 April 2009

Love Is A Liability

This album is out on Planet Mu in late May, but as we know. . music blogging is about being first. haha. .

I've been hitting FaltyDL's myspace for about a month now, almost non-stop. Not for the black and white photos of period women that he has littering his page. but for the player. .

'To London' - forthcoming on Ramp. . consistently blows my mind. feel the panting.

'Anxiety', 'J Vox' and 'Paradise Lost' will be on the album in various forms. The latter is so, so, so, fresh. Try staying passive while something like that is on a system.

'Human Meadow' not sure if this is on the album, but what I am fortunate to know. . is that the man boxcutter has killed the remix.

If you just let these tracks play out you'll see why I'm buzzing for the album. Soundwise, leading the current garage renaissance with an incredibly sexy set of 'plates. .

so yeah, not really a review. not really a concise news bulletin. just excited rambling. but, hey, I'm first. . . and thats what counts right...?

3 other things;

two tunes can be heard on the jamie vex'd mix I FWDED to you last week sometime


FaltyDL will be / is looking for dates UKway in the near future. . Get at him promoters!


should really have led with this. ... . but I like the artwork too much. However here is a 10 minute album preview.

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AugZF said...

HO!!!!!!!!!!! 18 links from your site to my video, thanks, u have good taste!