Sunday, 12 April 2009


times over the last year that drum n bass has crossed my mind. . . . twice.

..when that one in fabio and grooverider got nicked in Dubai.

&...when I finally persuaded my sleeping partner to let me fall asleep with the radio on, only for Rider radio to keep me awake until way past the small hours.

perfect for when everything else is quiet. It's a past lover who I still think fondly of. But make no effort to get back in touch with.

Alix Perez was there when I left. and if you check the video you'll see he's more than still around.

I'm speaking like a veteran of the scene, but don't get me wrong ... I came late to the game but I'l be here till the end. .

play the video when everything else goes quiet. And roll..

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ben v said...

serious trk init. features in the dnb section of the radioshow i jointly do with my man klay pigeon, links via my mspace. big ups as always. peace