Saturday, 18 April 2009

Messages (AJ Refix)

Vikter needs some new press shots. I almost used his Dj Kicks cover - but the coat is too much.

MP3: Critical Point - Messages (Aaron Jerome ReFix)

But enough. Here, Aaron Jerome not only opens my eyes to an original that had completely passed me when, or where ever it came out , but he also gives it a huge kick into the present. So much in fact, that it sounds like it's come custom built for certain corners of the Rinse roster. .

I also thank the man for putting me onto the said DJkicks - THE NEPA ALLSTARS TRACK.

You probably can't not like this.

EDIT: Props to Beatnick for just dropping it on Rinse.


jay said...

hello enjoy your site .. any chance i could get a copy of this of ya. this would go down stella on my night.. orignal was wicked.. when this drops in,,, heavy.. if u want to post a comment.. i can send u my email if needed.. i would be very thankful looking all over for this.

Anonymous said...

hey~~~could u please post the song again?!?!
I want it so baddly.....


Anonymous said...

please post this up again, i keep searching, but cannot find this amazing version. thanks

Anonymous said...

hi any chance of a re up for this again please...?

Love this version and cant find it anywhere. Cheers

Anonymous said...

amazing! please post this up again, please..