Thursday, 23 April 2009

NDM Vol. 3: Cooly G vs. Nobodydancenomore

^ Cooly G. With a release coming very soon on Hyperdub and at least another 4 CDR's of dubs set to hit BM Records, I thought it would be a good idea to get the first lady of funky to showcase a few of the forthcoming pieces. .

Deep & sexy for the fans with their backgrounds in soulful, but with enough grit for the techier fan base. Spanning the genre is a unique look considering the way funky has broken up to date, & so you should never be surprised to hear Cooly's music in sets at either end of the spectrum. Those who carve out a niche for themselves tend, and deserve to go the furthest.

. . so . . yeah. . jump on and explore the sound. If you ain't into funky right now, use this as a route in! if your already in, use this as a springboard for the forthcoming pieces (and Fact Magazine mix) on the horizon. . . hit her on the myspace if your feeling it.

MP3: NDM Vol. 3: Cooly G - Cooly G Vs. Nobodydancenomore


Dis ‘Broken’ Boy
Love Dubbed Step
Feeling You
Craze pt2 Dirtbag Mix
Tell U (Marcus Nasty Dub Special)
Love Dub Refix

ALL Cooly G Productions.

Many Thanks obviously to Cooly. And also to Carmen who's technical assistance was greatly valued.

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isaAllEndsUp said...

thanks for this been caning love dub but thats all i had... cant wait to hear the rest