Saturday, 23 May 2009


Further to my Dublab Proton Drive post. . . where I touched on the rewards for donating. .

One of these audio gifts that I have been fortunate to hear. . .is Take AKA Sweatson Klank's 'Sweatson's Trajectory' Mix CD. This guy may not be blowing up in your face right now. . but by the looks of thing's he's certainly on the slow burn. Some of the new pieces I've been fortunate to hear will certainly make you sit up and take more notice.

Moovmnt recently clocked on to this. Forthcoming pieces noted there. . Including streams of his FlyLo and Architeq remixes. soon to hit wax. both are huge. Oh yeah... European tour dates too!

But the mix.

which is available to stream in the soundcloud player below. .

is by far one of the most effortlessly flowing pieces of music I have heard in a long time. Knitting together everything from Joker to TV on the Radio to Bobby Hutcherson to Enemy Earth. (TrackList) It takes a real musical head to be able to layer sounds together this well. .

Listen ! Sleep to it. Dance to it. Drink to it. Anything. .

If you like it. . . find a way to support him and Dublab.

You can grab a hard copy, either when its pressed later on in the summer (will be copies UK way) OR donate to the appropriate Dublab package to receive it and more.

Artwork by Augustine Kofie. Who is on a superhuman level right now.

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