Wednesday, 20 May 2009


my favourite ever ever ever radio station. . .Dublab. . (broadcasting home to Matthew David, Take, Teebs. . Exile. . ) are holding what they call a 'Proton Drive'.

In order to keep on creatively pushing forward (and sadly, even to go on existing. . ) they need me and you to put up a little bit, or a lot - depending on personal wealth - of our $ in their fund.

They are a registered non profit arts organization so it can certainly be assured that there won't be any British Government business going on.

If you haven't tuned in to date. . I don't expect you to go in there throwing money around blindly. . . Tune in anytime, day or night, to see what I mean.

I won't say anymore on this. . . details, plans for the donations, rewards for donating and the radio stream can all be found here. And as if my word isn't enough. . MyManHenri at 92bpm also stakes his reputation on Dublab's dopeness . . .

Long Live Dublab.

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Carmen said...

everything's your so called 'favourite'

AlgiersTwin said...

shut up mrs.

AlgiersTwin said...

dublab >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>