Sunday, 10 May 2009


Not the most attractive flyer I've ever posted up. But then the music isn't all that pretty. Of course with exceptions.

I've never been to an event like this. . .do you just float between the rooms hoping to catch the deejays that you want? Or do they issue set times? Do you have to learn the distinguish characteristics of each beforehand. . ?

It's exam season so my naivety is set to continue. Dope line-up though. .


aj said...

you could stay at home.
and listen to their records. as this is a majority lineup of producers. unless djing just comes naturally to all of them. haha

ben v said...

i'd planned to reach this but it's the same night as our new Spacebass venture at venue in Angel, maybe I'll rock up late... scrap that staying in nonsense, get your respite from exam stress by getting your rave on.

we need to talk re: feeds for the Shook site, where's my email reply please?

ps.. best wishes for exams.

pps. Calibre's Deep Medi Musik 12 rotating as I type, both sides are RIDICULOUS