Saturday, 2 May 2009

wigflex 001

Wigflex 001 - Lame Car / The More I Know Her / Schlupinski / Jangle Fuss

touching every corner of electronic music without sounding like the journey has been forced.

Geiom's 'Lame Car' is my pick. Not because he's the industry standard name we recognize. but because while I was putting the elastic sheet on my bed this evening, I managed to make up a skank that fits the beat to a T. It's his move on funky apparently. his recent pieces have been moving in that direction, yet it hasn't really been commented on. Watch the Berkane Sol releases for some hard evidence. . .

But no, all brilliant efforts. on what seems to be a producer SpamChop's Wigflex night --> label. Nottingham based I think. And according to someone I heard 'speaking' on the internet. . there is some insane stuff coming. Hopefully in the same vein.

Uniqueness needed in your record box.


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