Friday, 12 June 2009

premiere gaou

last night was the hypest night in my life. no neon lights. no superstar dj's. no VIP. no dress code.

stripped down. dancing in friends bedroom / lounge / wherever. you didn't want it to stop. Even when youtube started glitching people moved without complaint.

for me it's what it all comes down too. .

the real point of this. . . those that know me, will know that I'm the first to moan about Southampton . . but last night truly proves its the people that make occasions. Maybe an obvious thing to some of the more mature audience. But when your young and attracted by the bright lights of life - you can often forget it.

It's okay to aspire to move to the next stage in life. but we must not forget the beauty of the present.

so easily done.

& the song. Can't even remember how many times it was spun last night.

probably the biggest song in my life right now. . hahaha.

love to all involved last night, even though the majority know nothing about this music vice.

and never watch face. a few people were doing it last night.

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