Wednesday, 15 July 2009

City Limits Vol. 1

Silkie debut is out. Beautifully packaged too - came very close to buying it early but couldn't face taking an extra bag on peak time tube.

Been a mainstay of my nighttime listening. and as a rarity, is a passage of music which can be played start to finish without need to skip or stir.

my most recommended this year to date. . .

on a sidenote, why have people stopped going on about the antisocial rinse show?


Support & get the 3x 12 LP for your troubles.


Andy said...

AntiSocial are on late Monday nights, yeah? Been sleeping on that but will try and have a listen next week.
I'm glad that you think City Limits lives up all to all the expectation of it. I've really enjoyed the bits and pieces I've heard from it so far, on things like the Boomnoise/Pokes show. My only criticism would be that some tunes have too many faux 'jazzy' sounds on them which come over a bit corny. It's a minor gripe though, and there's a good chance those bits might make more sense in the context of the full album. Will def pick up a copy soon.

Lord Dubious said...

AntiSocial- the sound and their show- run tings! That and Chefals! Dem boys know the proper bouncy bizness is perfect for balancing out the wobblies. Can't wait to hear this LP. Deep Medi the ruler!