Wednesday, 9 September 2009


2562/A Made Up Sound/Dave Huismans always comes with a distinctive brand of dub/techno. Always of great production quality but sometimes a little bit toooo Berlin for my liking.

But this release is his first to really make make me sit up and search. Heard one of the sides (if i'm honest, still not sure which. .) on BenUFO/Shortstuff/Oneman (?) b2b on rinse one night and managed to find it listed on after Ben graciously fielded my query.

I still can't really describe why I feel them so much more exciting than previous output - possibly the way they were used - possibly just a figment of my imagination.

See some details (soundclips) at clone, & decide for yourself -

on a sidenote, the mans got the moments factmix - and a surefire keeper.

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