Wednesday, 18 November 2009


produced by Tank. Remember? Not as interesting a production as the majority of the r&b I've been harping on about but theres certainly a well placed charm. good for now but I can see it getting a little bit whiney in a while......shhhh. . . makes a change from beyonce though.

taken from the album 'It Must Be Magic'. someone recently reminded me about this on twitter - and like many of the classics from that era, it is now spending a 2nd spell in circulation chez moi. My only quarrel with this song is that at the 4.41m mark on the album version, it descends into a double time sax break... I was confused. Apart from that a totally flawless and beautiful listen.

hiphop doesn't beat this in my opinion. Can never be played too loud, and when i'm listening, I allllways walk with a bop. Stacey Epps provides a perfect break to the head nodding. damn that voice. don't rest until you've got that instrumental.

We can all make an educated guess as to what Vybz 'Ramping Shop' actually is. Song bangs a lot though. As does the Lil Silva blend by Dj Shredah. Does anything not fit well over that Lil Silva beat? (Can't find Shredah's myspace. . ) Ask around.

grime. an easy chorus. a wiley verse. This will/is getting plenty of play's on the days when I just wanna listen, don't wanna think. Taken from DjTargets: Aim High Volume 1. Prod. by Danny Weed who, looking at the quality of his recent output, must be determined not to be phased out by the baby booming producer class.

grime again. one liner after one liner over another danny weed production. Bravado that can't be backed up. 'I walk with a stick like a pharoah does'. No Ghetto. No you don't.

move along unless your a product of 1988/89. certain degree of nostalgia needed to still feel this.

so much swing. blows alll your worries to the touchline for 7 minutes or so. I continue to insist that jazz is for alll walks of life.

my album of the year continues to demand airtime. Eric Roberson has got words and a song for every opposite sex scenario. My current cooking music. All I need now is some Marble Worktops.

respect to Mr.Beatnick for turning us all on to this through his FACTmagazine write up. . . Prod. by Madlib. Fitting beat to see each day out with. . vocal cuts on this EP are worth your time too.


10 songs that are doing it right now. no fixing to make a pretty 1 genre list. no hiding tracks that other's are sure to scoff at. just 10.

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