Saturday, 7 November 2009

Kyle Hall is superb.

seriously, even for those who don't even know about the detroit house scene, this mix is brilliant. Although, I don't know any other purveyors of this sound with which to compare him. Maybe they are all this good. You can kinda tell this guy is out of detroit. Soul infused from start to finish.

And there is a beautiful EP dropping real real soon - Rush Hour

I didn't even mention his age. 1991.


luis said...

Saw this kid play in Gowanus this summer (@ Sunday Best). Set it off with "Nights over Egypt" and didn't look back. The mp3 is floating around the internet somewhere. bright things ahead from this kid.

Anonymous said...

safe karim, if you want some more detroit stuff you gotta get the new Andres album. so good, funky, soulful, hip-hop infused house music on moodymans mahogani label too, very very nice. just youtube 'andres mahogani' if you wanna here what its like. ali x

link to the album: