Tuesday, 15 December 2009

down with the foreigners

'Forever changed' A Grammy nod can do that to you. Shout out to my big brother (not really related - just got love for dude), Little Brother's Phonte and flying Dutchman Nicolay, better known as Foreign Exchange.

After earning a nomination in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category for the track "Daykeeper" featuring Muhsinah, theyre rapping and scratching on cloud nine. I have to say I've never been a fan of the Grammys, but I give em props for this cos, to me at least, the nomination shows theyre thinking outside the tv box.

Foreign Exchange are just not mainstream. But the flow is still serious. Congrats. Even if they don't win. Grammys boost sales. Grammys boost interest. Can you spell exposure? I guess theyve already won

They've even started circulating a lil video. Kinda like a thankyou speech. Don't hesitate to be far too kind. Watch.

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