Monday, 14 December 2009


(((I've always wanted to say I'm blogging from somewhere other than my bedroom desk. Today i finally can, courtesy of my friend Nalden. . . . A trip which will be well documented towards the end of the week - I don't want to leak details now. --- Should I be building this up like this? Probably not. Young excitement...)))


The more observant ones of you will have noticed the arrival of a 2nd member here. TheCrazyDoodler (reasons hide behind the name).

Why is he here? Because our inspirations overlap. Because he's the type of person who I could pull all nighters with, debating points of which few-else would care about. Because he realizes we have a chance to make something out of our inspirations. Because he digs Alicia Keyes in the same ways that i do. He understands that hip-hop grows in chapters. & Because he needs 'loungewear' to be at his most creative.

That's why he's here.

The outlet of 1, Now becomes the outlet of 2.

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