Thursday, 20 September 2007

American Gangster

From what I usually expect, and most of you will agree; 'Kingdom Come' was weak - at minimum, definitely a long way down from the high of the Black Album. However, this is JayZ, for me the greatest of all time, so I sure as hell am excited.

Jay's tenth album is to be something of a concept album based on 'American Gangster' (Nov 2nd) - starring Denzel Washington, Common, Russel Crowe, RZA and T.I.

Taken from NYTimes;

His decision to record “American Gangster” is a surprise, given that his last album was released less than a year ago. “Kingdom Come” sold about 1.5 million copies, his lowest figure for a full studio album since 1997. And its elaborate marketing campaign, including alliances with Budweiser and ESPN, prompted some suggestions that Jay-Z’s branching-out into other business endeavors, and taste for the jet-setting life, had begun to undermine his street credibility.

He made no apologies for his transformation into a global brand. “Jay doesn’t live in Brooklyn any more,” he said. Rather, he ventured that “Kingdom Come” was a little too “sophisticated” for some listeners. “American Gangster,” he said, would be a return to a tougher, more unflinching view of street life.

In “No Hook,” a song on the new album, he says:

Please don’t compare me to other rappers. Compare me to trappers.
I’m more Frank Lucas than Ludacris. And Lude is my dude, I ain’t trying to dis.
Just like Frank Lucas is cool, but I ain’t tryin’ to snitch.
I’m-a follow the rules, no matter how much time I’m-a get.
I’m-a live and die with the decisions that I’m-a pick.

Read rest of article here, and look out for the first single 'Blue Magic' (Neptune produced) that is set to appear online later on today..

'American Gangster' Trailer

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