Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Brownswood Loves...Bass

I couldnt make the first of Gilles & Brownswoods new residency at equally new Eastvillage Club (Shoreditch, London). . I'm still slightly bitter, I won't lie.

My new friend Dayo breaks it down for you all. .

Gilles’ gig last night at East Village conjured up images of his old Bar Rhumba nights for some reason. I sense something big in the offing for him at East Village. It’s always nice when you can get your core crowd out (especially on a Thursday night) and he did just that. What a night!

As you all know East Village has just recently opened and it is very apparent that the management want to cater for clubbers who care about music; the state of the art sound system in place is bound to give eargasm.

Gilles was gradually building his set when I arrived - and it was great timing me for as well, because my tune of the night was just ‘rolling’ in: The Rebirth “This Journey In”. I've often said that Gilles is very adept at communicating with his hardcore dance floor audience. This was Gilles telling us that summer is around corner. A summer siren tune if ever there was one. It blew everyone away last night. And I’ll tell you another tune that got heads bobbing last night: Catalyst feat. Spacek “How About Us”. No exaggeration, I spotted EVERYONE head nodding and dancing when Gilles dropped this one. BIG TUNE. simple. And let me just say, right here right now: a definite contender for my tune of 2008.

And if you like, Gilles just set the high standards for the rest of the night - he dropped pure tune after tune after tune. Loved it when he played “Thank You Jesus” - yes Gilles. And how lush did Leon Haywood’s “Long As There’s You I Got Love” sound?. There were a lot of ‘old’ soul bwoys in the joint last night and I spotted their grin of approval when it was playing. An ALL-OUT ravers tune. Gilles also gave us some jazz, and I tell you what, that new oz version of “I Bet You Thought I wouldn’t Find You” is the bonkers. The dance floor went mad for it. Even Heidi was moving hard to it.

Then Gilles started to bang it. And by then, the PACKED dance floor was going into overdrive. Linkwood Family’s “Piece of Mind” blew everyone away (love the way they cut up Leo’s Sunships’s “I’ Back For More” on this one). Just shading it as my banger of the night was: Quality Control “Slippin’” - I almost missed a step on the busy dance floor when Gilles dropped this one. PROPER HOUSE - and a very clever cut up of War’s classic. Gilles P - take bow.

And then Gilles gave way to the very lovely DJ Moni. And I don’t know about you guys, but I thought she did really well - all things considered. UK dj’ing debut and all that! The crowd thinned out a bit after her first couple of tunes; but the mark of a good dj is to start from scratch and re-engage the floor. And she did just that! By the time I was leaving (had to be at work very early this morning), the busy dance floor had been reinstated. DJ Moni, now in her element, was dropping some deep deep house numbers - including one of my current faves - which was playing as I said my goodbyes: The Linkwood Family “RIP”. No joke, I was tempted to stay on when she dropped this one. Love this to the bone. And I would love to know the one she played before the Linkwood track. Proper deep. Blew me away. Big up DJ Moni (and her mate). Please come back soon. Respect. I love honeys from the states - they are always smiling - unlike some of our ‘screwface’ London girls - LOL!


It wasn’t that busy upstairs - which is kind of understandable if you have a super star DJ downstairs (with photographers in tow) - naturally everybody wanted to check Gilles out. But that’s to take nothing away from Ross Allen and Thristian who both did a sterling job upstairs. I sneaked upstairs a few times (you’ll know what I’m like) and they were dropping some corkers. Thristian (nice one rudebwoy) played some wicked dubstep. Might have to text him for details. And the mighty Ross Allen (a pleasure to finally meet you sir) was dropping the living disco. I’m really back into my disco at the minute (music from my yoot) and so it was only natural that I should completely lose it when Ross played Candido “Dancing and Prancing” - HOW wicked did that sound again last night??? Love love love that! Original Acid Jazz music. But my tune of his set was this Kathy Diamond thing he played. He told me it was a little Maurice Fulton thing. I tell you what, I don’t know what I’ve been listening to all this while. Need that! Ross Allen always pulls them out - Full Respect!


Gilles P - Give thanks! Respect.

A big thanks to him . . going to try and hold him down for this type of thing consistently. An impeccable taste in music, and very engaging when he writes.

EDIT: SHOULD REALLY SHOUT OUT THE CLUB AT SOME POINT TOO. . . By all accounts it looks like its going to be something special. Very suave set up and the web site matches. www.eastvillageclub.com

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