Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Black Thought on 75 Bars

"Thats all it is. its dope. its hip hop. its new , yet classic. theres nothing else to be read into the equation. i could go on and on about how that dude represents every record company exec that ever looked at me wrong or every critic that ever underestimated my caliber ... but he doesnt. he's just "some dude" who did "some shit" and now he regrets it. the rest, we leave up to u to interpret. 75 bars is raw, drum driven, in your face emceeing. period. yes its a little nostalgic and reminiscent of 1987 but hey, thats when we started this thing of ours that has become the roots/ okp brand and when, in my opinion, hip hop was a lot more real so, every now and then i like to revisit that. long story short, we had no idea what race the hostage would be before the shoot and didnt really care if dude was white, black, asian, latino or martian, he was gonna get it either way. our concern was a visual that compliments the music. i think we have that. the only other concern was to get yall blogaholics to chirping and creating an awareness of the upcoming album. i think we've done that too. everything else is cake. .... and we're not a bunch of vegetarians but why do u care?"

Check the Video here

Completely killing all the confusion and debate on the Okayplayer forums. . Big track.

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