Thursday, 24 April 2008

It's a Par. . Gate

I admit, i have absolutely no idea what is going on here. The gist of it, is that they are arguing over a phrase that doesnt exist 'Its a Par'. Its worth watching for some decent wordplay from ghetto (growing on me) and some of the facial expressions that are displayed as the slews become more frequent. It gets quite heated as it goes on, and as you'l hear the battling went on long after the show ended. . The video for that will be up on youtube soon. .

Hyperfrank seems to have a grasp on whats going on. If your interested read here and here.

Personally not impressed in the slightest by Tempa T or Jammer. The latter seems to not have any bars whatsoever, whereas Tempa T seems to have lost the art of Mcing and taken up shouting.

Only grime can create this amount of hype over something that doesnt even mean anything. I'm blogging it purely for the facial expressions, particularly, as Hyperfrank notes, ' I love seeing the video's to sets because you get to see classic moments like when Ghetto dropped "What? It's alot it's alot, I swear you man borrowed that from Josh"- (8:26 mins (VIDEO 1)) and Tempa T's shocked reaction was like Ghetto was sending for his mum.'

Goodness knows who Josh is.


Hyperfrank said...

In a nut shell...

Josh is Griminal.

Griminal made a song called It's alot about a year ago. several months later... Jammer made a song called it's alot. Griminal sent for Jammer because he feels Jammer stole his whole idea. Tempa T has now got involved because he feels the only person who should be getting mad is him and his crew (slew dem) because they feel it is their word.

Ghetto on westwood was backing Griminal (who wasn't actually there) because he is also from plaistow (greengate is an area in plaistow).

The essense of Tempa T wasn't captured well on the show. On stage Tempa T is powerful, it just ironic most people haven't seen him live so it's hard for people to understand.

It's all over the word 'Its Alot' which isn't even a proper word lol. Just a piece of slang and a silly lyrical argument over who actually said it first.

(takes a deep breath)

AlgiersTwin said...

Ha. thankyou for clearing that up. love the blog by the way. the true grime authority.