Thursday, 24 April 2008

Real Remix

A remix is not just a guest rappers verse tacked on the end/start of the song - see Mariah & Jays 'Bye Bye Remix'. Thats just mixtape filler.

This is a remix. Wasn't feeling the original, but the beats changed up, Usher doesn't get as tedious and Weezy and Beyonce pass through both taking the song in a better direction.

The last decent remix on this tip was Kanye and Ne-Yo on Drink N My 2step, so i'm including that for good measure.

MP3: Usher - Love In The Club (Ft. Beyonce & Lil'Wayne)

MP3: Cassidy - Drink N My 2 Step (Ft. Neyo & Kanye West)

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