Sunday, 18 May 2008

All City 7 x 7

1 x 7 (Snowman) was great
3 x 7 (Fulgeance) is shaping up to be great

but mike slotts effort for the All City 7x7 beat series is almost too good.

Audio samples for all three releases can be found at, or check the Allcity myspace or even go as far as checking the individual artists pages.

If you ain't down with the concept;

each month All City will be releasing a limited edition (i think..) 7". This will go on for 7 months.
So, still to come..

Le Neko
Hudson Mohawke

The artworks dope, the music's always hard hitting and you'd be supporting some of the most talented beatmakers of today's generation. . Essential purchases for 08.

They'd also look really pretty lined up next to each other.

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