Monday, 5 May 2008

Dixon's Record Box

Never had the pleasure to see him play. . something to do before I become unfashionable I guess. Haven't heard many of the tracks that he is talking about in the interview. . however the new Laurent Garnier is superb. As well as Martin Buttrich's 'Stoned Autopilot' (He sums it up perfectly) and the latest Radioslave, 'Tankatakan'.

The forthcoming album from Tokyo Black Star also sounds interesting;

His album will be a new mix of all his tracks – a DJ mix which doesn’t just mix the tracks together, but uses for example a beat from one track with an atmosphere from another track to give it a complete flow.

Full Article Here.

Innervisions @ Myspace (Hear the new Laurent Garnier)

Really really really really want to go to Berlin.

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