Monday, 14 July 2008

Don't Rush Me

Listen, there's nothing like knowin' yourself
Like the way I know that smokin's kind of broken my health
Like the way I know my flow don't make appropriate wealth
I can't change that
But funny I'm sayin' that when it's money I'm aimed at
I give a fuck if you frame that or quote it (shit)
I meant what I said cuz I wrote it, point noted
I know I'm overly sensitive when it comes to, well
Just about everything
And I'm so hardheaded, I don't need your help
Like no advice for these records 'less it's me, myself
Like I don't ever want to breathe if it requires assistance
Just, just shut down my system
I'm a victim of choosin' bad love, bad luck Lucy
Every man touched seems to be a doozy and plus
I'm attached to this looseleaf, stand on my two feet
So it's hard enough to even have to physically move me
Go ahead, try

MP3: Jean Grae - Don't Rush Me

*Props to OkP for the video

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