Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Aftathoughts Vol. 1

apologies for the sparseness of my posts, ive been plagued by all manner of slow internet connections, foreign keyboards and some supreme heat. So this is a bit of a breakthrough, above is a jpeg image lifted from juno.co.uk complete with japanese script.

Its afta 1s digital release finally getting some physicality too it. Those who know me, know that ive been harping on about this for months, and i think i will be harping on some more. from start to finish a complete masterpiece. complete beats. you dont come out the otherside wanting vocals, or a few more loops on any of the beats, its perfect as it is. August 11TH. Be ready to pay the import fee.

and a hyperlink to finish you all off


Severely sweating.

1 comment:

Disco D said...

The beats are out of time! LOL
Is that what broken beat is?
If so, I can live with that (kind of).
But, a great rhythm/groove is fundemental - even someone as avant garde as Miles Davis knew that! It's the glue that holds you whilst the notes descend (and ascend) into musical madness (and gibberish)!

That aside, I bought this album.
And, I'm going to have to write to the artist and ask them to finish it off.
They forgot to add the slightest hint of melody (that makes me want to play it again or remember it).
Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arthur Russell, Laurie Anderson, or even John Coltrane, all knew when to throw in a hook or two!

Nice production and soundscapery though.
Also, this is a fantastic blog :)