Monday, 22 September 2008

grime runnings

Listen Again this morning brought me last nights westwood show in all its glory. .  Alien Music

Trim and Lee Brasco were in attendance. 

For the former, it was certainly Rude Kid's production that was shining - & having provided tracks for new projects from Skepta, Tinie Tempah and P money his buzz isn't going to diminish any time soon. UFO remix is definitely worth listening out for! As far as the emcees were concerned, I wasn't too hot on them - saying that I will be going for the Little Nasty mixtape Hungry Season which came out a while back. Thoughts on that soon. . 

Getting 2 spins was Chipmunk's lead off single from the forthcoming album. . 'Beast' featuring Loick Essien (?) on the hook. It grew on me. 

chips head's too big for his crown

I'm a huge fan of trim, and he, in all fairness, was the only reason I checked the show . . the chat with Westwood was amusing from both sides of the equipment, particularly when Westwood's origins (norwich..) were discussed. (also got a laugh from me when Westwood implied that alien music's dj hadn't appeared because of ramadan).. but yeah Trim, the art work for the last soulfood volume is up above. . and is clearly the most impressive to date. I hope the music is the same but I find it hard to believe he will top the last volume which was just toooo good. won't believe it until it's been in my ears for several months. The production is still far from the norm with t spark and jerzey heavily involved - ( jerzeys myspace for some really nice new bits) , And trim always finds new ways to spin words. . - its almost kinda cute. 

As I said last soulfood before the album, then another mixtape series. 

'mixtape' doesn't do the work credit. 

Listen Again is up if your that way inclined. 

I feel I fell away from grime in the last month, but last night (this morning), despite the lack of any realll quality sets, has whetted the appetite. . Any recommendations will be happily received. 

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